Wow, it has been a While, Apologies …

Summary as follows:

  • Dated a fireman but couldn’t handle his ego. Ended up being a creep!
  • I have a date with S on Monday night (yes the S I met earlier this year)
  • 2 friends of mine passed away, both from the gym.
  • There is a guy I have never met but talk to that believes he is in love with me. I am perplexed because how can you be in love with someone you have never met!
  • Sean (old readers know him) tried to commit suicide and I managed to get him to go to the hospital and now he wants to be with me, NO WAY!! Not happening … He does this but this time I ended it for good. No more. I feel nothing for him. Thank GOD!!!!!
  • Been in my own place for 14 months now and love every minute of it.
  • Studying Mental health (I love it) …

I think that’s all. If I missed anything I apologise. It’s been crazy busy with happy and sad events … I hope my readers are well 🙂 Sometime over the weekend I will be popping by to say hello …